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Daringibadi is a hill station situated in the district of Phulbani. This place is 3000 feet above the sea level. In the month of December and January, Daringibadi experiences heavy snowfalls. The fragmented scenic beauty is among the serpentine ghat roads. It is perfect for summer vacation a winter celebration. The bewitching experience of drive is through ultimate ribbon like roads through deep Sal forest has been enchanting and forever remembrance. The unpolluted environment is full of Pine and Coffee and gardens simply add the boldness to the beautiful surroundings. Everywhere, there are dense forests and mountains.

The ancient tribal’s Kondhs, classified under ancient Gondid Race of the Proto Australoid group stayed here for the ages. This place is famous for handcrafts such as Dhokra, Terra-cotta, Cane and bamboo works. This region is proud for rich tribal cultural heritage. This region is proud for rich tribal cultural heritages. The roads to Daringibadi were depicted in the epics. This track was used for transportation of salts in central India. The route is running through “Daringibadi” is known as “Great Military Road”, discovered by Britishers.

Daringibadi is the only place in Odisha which experiences snow fall during the winter. It has very cool climate during the summer. The journey to this place is an experience in itself. This hill station is one hundred kilometers from Phulbani and fifty kilometers from Baliguda. Daringibadi is a central place for hill station. You will have to cross a series of ghosts like Ranipather , Khajuripada, Kalinga and Baliguda. IN between the roads you will notice the beautiful valleys and the perennial streams which construct an illusion or swarga, a holy place of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. The languages used in this region are Kui, Oriya ,Hindi and English.

Sadly , this place is not renowned as with many places of the state of Odisha to many outside states. Try to reach here in one of the holidays season and you must have a life time experience. You will be amazed to see the snow and coolness which many people will go to Shimla ,Kashmir to experience it.
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Clothes to wear: Light cotton in summer and heavy woolen in winter.

Best season to travel: It is from September to May.

Nearest Airport: It is at Bhubaneswar which is one sixty five kilometers from Phulbani. It is the district head of Daringibadi which is connected with Bhubaneswar, Berhampur and other important places of the State of Odisha through regular bus services. There are number tourist’s bungalows and lodges where tourist can stay and board.


Other places of tourist importance around Daringibadi:

Putudi: It is a place of natural beauty and water falls.


Belghar: The panoramic view of Belghar with the scenic beauty and this place is inhibited for ages by Kutia Kondhs , the ancient Gondid race of the Proto Australoid group who are still to date following the age old practices of food gathering and living in wooden huts and wooden houses.


Kotagarh: This place is famous for its national park and wild life sanctuary.



Pilasalunki: This place is famous for dam project .


What to buy at Daringibadi:

You can shop for terra cota, bamboo handicrafts, cane works, Dhokra, Tudubali, stone made ornaments and utensils.

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